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Unfortunately, Many Kitchens
Are Just Not Designed Or Equipped
For Their Modern Day Roles...

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Today's Modern Kitchens Serve As The Hub Of
The House
Where All Activities, From Day To Day Meals,
To Hosting Parties And Guests, Take Place.

Lovette Construction is not your average contracting and remodeling company. Owner Clint Lovette founded the company on principles of hard work, superior craftsmanship and attention to details. The company’s dedication to quality and respect is evident in each and every service provided.

Does your kitchen reflect your personality? Does it handle all of the day to day activities for your family? Whether it's a simple facelift to change the look or having our design team create an entirely new space, we can make your kitchen the focal point of your home.

Even homes that were just built in the last few years suffer from kitchens that were not properly planned and designed around today’s modern families. In fact, unless you had a custom home built, most homes are built around the antiquated “kitchen triangle” theory.

This theory of how a kitchen should be designed and built was developed in the 1940’s. The theory is based around the concept of placing the three most common work sites at the most efficient distance from one another while minimizing the amount of traffic through that particular work zone. The three “traditional” work sites are the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove.

Honestly, how relevant do you think this is in today’s modern nuclear family world? Despite the overall sound reasoning behind the “kitchen triangle” theory, society and the American family has changed...dramatically.

Instead of a blind adherence to the conventional wisdom surrounding the design of a kitchen, more and more families want a kitchen that fits into their particular lifestyle while simultaneously expressing their individuality and design tastes.

For example, many of our clients are ­ reaching retirement age and purchased their homes years ago; thus, the kitchen was designed and built strongly around the kitchen triangle theory. However, as their kids move out and start to have families of their own, these clients need a change. That’s where Lovette Construction will come in and design a kitchen that reflects your current lifestyle.

In one home, we created a work prep area that included a seating to make it easier for our clients. The very same space can also be utilized as a bar for entertaining guests.

On the other end of the spectrum, some of our clients are younger families with multiple children. Anyone who has kids will tell you that one (or more) is always “under foot.” For these clients, we will place the refrigerator purposely out of the way so that the kids can serve themselves snacks or drinks while staying out of the food prep area.

In other instances, we have designed the kitchen around the social interaction that occurs in and around the kitchen. Instead of blindly designing and constructing a kitchen on how people prepare meals, we take into account how a family spends time in the kitchen. For the more social clients, we have designed kitchens with an over­sized island or even multiple islands to accommodate larger groups in the kitchen.

Finally, there is the issue of “creature comforts.” In fact, according to Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS, of Cultivate ­Your Kitchen, comfort in the form of soft furnishings, banquettes designed for seating flexibility, large­-screen TVs and other media add­-ons encourage more activities within the boundaries of the kitchen than ever before. For the gourmet, specialty appliances such as wine or beverage refrigerators, coffee stations, and indoor grills further disrupt the kitchen triangle, often taking precedence over the traditional sink/cooktop/refrigerator trio.

Don’t Compromise On Your Remodel... Let Us Design And Build Your Dream Kitchen.

Trust the Alabama Home Improvement Professionals!

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